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Community Improvements

At Keep Pensacola Beautiful, we believe that the quality of life in Escambia County is dependent on our ability to preserve and enhance our environment.

Through Harmony Pars Pensacola, we hope to create a new outdoor gathering space and a new way for people to experience the outdoors. With Harmony Parks, these permanent, large-scale instruments can be played at any and all skill levels, and the notes sound pleasing in any combination!

Englewood Park will be the site of our first ensemble installation. With this park, we hope to foster a sense of pride and responsibility for not only the community but also the environment.

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Childhood Development

Unique park equipment like Freenotes Harmony Parks provides boundless opportunities in childhood development!

Cognitive – Playing an instrument helps us to develop and exercise cognitive skills such as memory, problem solving, creativity, organization, and time management.

Emotional – Playing music builds self-confidence, encourages self-expression, and alleviates symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Physical – Playing an instrument can improve fine and gross motor skills, encourage physical rehabilitation, lower blood pressure, ease pain, and decrease sleep issues.

Social – Playing music together supports social engagement, verbal and non-verbal communication, speech pacing, empathy, respect, and a sense of community and belonging.

The Need

Englewood Park is the largest natural public space of the five parks within the 32501 zip code, spanning over 48 acres, and is the home of the Boys and Girls Club of the Emerald Coast. The 500-plus children who participate in the Boys and Girls Club at Englewood Park will benefit greatly from the Freenotes Harmony Park equipment. These instruments would give kids of all ages a chance to create and experience music in a fun, self-directed way.

Additionally, the installation of attractive equipment and the inclusion of landscaping, shade trees, and pollinator gardens will make the park more appealing to kids and a source of pride for the entire neighborhood. Research shows an increase in community-place attachment and a decrease in hazardous activity when natural features are highlighted in a given location.

KPB has targeted Englewood Park based on its score on the Keep America Beautiful Community Litter Index. On a scale from 1 (cleanest/least littered area) to 4 (most littered area), the zone Englewood Park falls into scored a 1.9 average. Upon assessment of the community need, KPB determined that this site will benefit from purposeful and environmental enhancement.

Keep Pensacola Beautiful has working relationships with three of the Englewood community’s leaders: Leslie Hunter-Huff, Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club of the Emerald Coast; Elois Marshall, President of the Englewood Neighborhood Improvement Coalition; and Lumon May, District 3 County Commissioner, and all three believe the inclusion of a Harmony Park at Englewood park would improve community morale and add beauty to the area.

Our Goal

Our goal is to increase children’s opportunities to play in an educational way and to enhance their love of music and artistic expression. This equipment will be accessible to kids of all abilities, will be ADA accessible, and will enable an inclusive playing environment and a sense of autonomy in every child. We hope that the installation of Harmony Parks equipment will attract children (and adults!) of all ages. There, they can freely engage in self-directed musical play and participate in concerts and group performances.

We also plan to install additional trash and recycling receptacles to encourage children and other park users to throw away trash and develop or improve recycling habits. Ideally, we will see the Keep America Beautiful Community Litter Index number for the area surrounding Englewood Park decrease each year as local citizens become more aware of litter issues and make greater use of proper trash and recycling receptacles. As the park becomes cleaner and more beautiful, we hope that residents will expand their stewardship beyond the boundaries of the park to prevent litter and increase recycling throughout the neighborhoods at large.

In the long term, we hope that our implementation of this park will encourage other community organizations and neighborhood associations to take greater ownership of and pride in their own local parks. Whether they seek to purchase and install their own Harmony Park equipment or simply to beautify their sites and keep them cleaner, their efforts will be a step forward in keeping Pensacola beautiful and healthy.

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